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CPA Ontario and CGA Ontario Sign Unification Agreement 

On June 23, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and the Certified General Accountants of Ontario have signed the Second Unification Agreement in support of unification of the accounting profession in Ontario. The two Unification Agreements (CPA Ontario and CMA Ontario signed the First Unification Agreement in April 2014) outline the process to unify the functions and operations of the three bodies while respecting the statutory duties of each.

Together with our partners at the national and provincial levels, our combined 80,000-plus members are now part of a unification movement that represents all of Canada’s more than 185,000 designated accountants.

Next Steps

  • Final unification will come with the introduction of a new Chartered Professional Accountants Act, which will create a renewed CPA Ontario combining the members, staff and resources of the three legacy bodies.
  • CPA Ontario will seek a Chartered Professional Accountants Act from the Province of Ontario as soon as possible.
  • CGAs’ member certificates will be issued this summer. 

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CPA PREP Information Sessions

Attend one of our CPA PREP Information Sessions in your region to learn more about the CPA Prerequisite Education Program (PREP). 

CPA PREP is designed for those who have an undergraduate degree, regardless of the discipline, and lack some or all of the prerequisite courses required for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). CMA Ontario, in collaboration with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, is offering the CPA PREP.


CMA Ontario's 2012-2013 Annual Report 

In anticipation of this new season of change, CMA Ontario has prepared itself by addressing three critical elements:
  1. Financial strength
  2. Employee engagement 
  3. Cultural awareness

This year’s annual report presents a financial status unlike any time in our history. 


Certified Management Accountants do more than just measure value, they create it. Of CMA Canada's 50,000 members across Canada and around the world, 25,000 members call Ontario home.

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