On April 1, 2014 CMAs in good standing became Members of CPA Ontario. Consulting CMA practices have not yet transitioned to CPA Ontario and continue to be registered only with CMA Ontario.  At a transition date (yet to be determined), CPA, CMAs will be required to register their practices with CPA Ontario. 

If you are currently providing accounting services to the public as defined in Section 1.1.31 of the Bylaws and which is included below, you will need to ensure that your practice structure complies with Regulation 4-6.

Consulting CMAs continue to be registered with CMA Ontario and must comply with CMA Ontario’s requirements for Consulting CMAs, including the need to maintain professional liability insurance, in accordance with Regulation 4-6.

If you have an incorporated business and are currently providing accounting services to the public as defined in Section 1.1.31 of the Bylaws, you will need to change the legal structure through which those services are provided prior to the transition date.  You will also need to maintain professional liability insurance, in accordance with Regulation 4-6.

CPA, CMAs with a business corporation may continue to practice through their existing structure during transition.  After this time firms will be required to comply with the CPA Ontario regulations related to practice structure. 

Members are now able to provide accounting services through a professional corporation.  If you would like to form a professional corporation, information is available online by following this link to CPA Ontario.

If you have ceased practice as a Consulting CMA please complete and submit the Practice Closure Form and email to mpayne@cmaontario.org.

Bylaw S. 1.1.31 defines “providing accounting services to the public” to include:

·         the performance of any engagement addressed by standards in the CPA Canada Handbook- Assurance for which a licence is not required under the Public Accounting Act, 2004 to perform the engagement;

·         accounting insofar as it involves analysis, advice and interpretation in an expert capacity, but excluding record keeping;

·         taxation, insofar as it involves advice and counselling in an expert capacity, but excluding mechanical processing of returns; (for further information, please follow this link)

·         compilation services, if it can reasonably be expected that all or any portion of the compilation or associated materials prepared by the Member providing the service will be relied upon or used by a third party, whether or not a licence is required under the Public Accounting Act, 2004; and

·         such other services and activities as may be included by the Council of CPA Ontario by resolution from time to time;

·         and all references in the Rules of Professional Conduct to “public accounting” shall be read as though they were also references to “providing accounting services to the public”.

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