• Recognition and credit for your CMA designation
  • Accelerated MBA in a part-time alternate weekend program
  • Modules designed for financial professionals
  • Schedule and delivery specifically designed for concurrent work-learning
  • Offered at Laurier’s downtown Toronto MBA campus


The recommended courses (total 12 half-credit courses) for the CMA’s wanting to earn their MBA are:
  1. Integrative & Innovative Thinking – Simulation
  2. Competing on Analytics*
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions
  4. Sustainable Strategy
  5. Organizational Change
  6. Organizational Consulting *
  7. International Business – involves an International Study Trip
  8. Supply Chain Management
  9. Governance & Integrated Risk Management *
  10. Financial Information Systems
  11. Company Focused Project and Not-for-profit-practicum – 1 full credit
* Offered in conjunction with CMA Ontario
Because of the courses required for and the nature of the competencies reflected in the CMA designation participants in this program will be exempted from the core component of our regular MBA Program (the equivalent of 8 course credits)


This six semester Toronto MBA program involves a combination of in-class weekend sessions and self-study. Classes are held on Friday evenings, 7:00 pm to 9:20 pm and all day Saturday, 8:30 am to 5:20 pm every second weekend, with no summer study during the months of July and August. Candidates will take two courses per term, with the exception of the last semester which is devoted to the major project. Students can customize their schedules by taking these recommended courses that may be offered through other Laurier Part-time MBA program schedules (with approval) and can choose to work on the company focused project alone or as part of a team.

Semester 1 (April – June) Semester 2 (September – December)
Integrative & Innovative Thinking – simulation
Competing on Analytics *
Mergers & Acquisitions
Sustainable Strategy
Semester 3 (January – March) Semester 4 (April – June)
Organizational Change
Organizational Consulting *
International Business & Study Tour
Supply Chain Management
Semester 5 (September – December) Semester 6 (January – April)
Governance & Integrated Risk Management *
Financial Information Systems
Company Focused Project**


*Courses offered in conjunction with CMA Ontario; Organizational Consulting. The course content has been approved by Certified Management Consultants of Canada to cover the educational requirements of the CMA designation.
**This project involves the application of concepts and knowledge to a strategic issue faced by the participant’s firm. It can be done individually or in a small group depending on confidentiality issues.

Admission Requirements
Candidates for this Accelerated MBA program will be considered for admission based on the following criteria:

  • CMA Designation achieved in Canada
  • Undergraduate Degree achieved in Canada, with minimum B standing (73%) in the final year of university study, or most recent 10 half-credit university degree courses
  • GMAT (score of 550 or better) or equivalent evidence of quantitative capabilities (e.g university credit quantitative course)
  • Minimum 3-5 years of management work experience
  • Three references 

Applications will be processed through an Admissions Committee process.

Tuition for the Accelerated MBA for CMA’s at our downtown Toronto MBA Program campus, is $38,000
This includes tuition, textbooks, incidental fees and meals. Please visit our web site for more information about the Laurier Accelerated MBA and all of our formats and to apply.

Contact Maureen Ferraro 519.884.0710 ext. 6220


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