Convictions for Unauthorized use of CMA

Amarjit KALRA of Mississauga Ontario

Amarjit KALRA, a former Member of CMA Ontario, was convicted on 4 counts of using the protected designations “C.M.A” and “Certified Management Accountant” contrary to section 26 of the Certified Management Accountants Act, 2010. Mr. KALRA was found to be using the protected designations on 2 of his company websites. He was issued warnings to cease and desist using the protected designation but failed to comply.

Mr. KALRA pled guilty to all 4 counts and received a $2200.00 fine.


Eric SONEGO of Ottawa Ontario

In October 2012 CMA Ontario launched an investigation into Eric Sonego’s use of the CMA designation on municipal election campaign audit reports that were submitted to the City of Ottawa between 2007 and 2011. Mr. Sonego has never been a member of CMA Ontario.  The information obtained during the investigation was shared with the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario.  As a result of CMA Ontario’s investigation, both CMA Ontario and the Public Accountants Council commenced independent prosecutions in the Ontario Court of Justice against Mr. Sonego for illegal use of the CMA designation and practising as a public accountant when he was not licensed to do so.

On April 29, 2013, Mr. Sonego was convicted on the charges filed by both CMA Ontario and the Public Accountants Council.

With respect his conviction under the Certified Management Accountants Act, Mr. Sonego was fined $6000.00, ordered to pay costs of $4000.00 to CMA Ontario and put on probation for 1 year.  The conviction under the Public Accountants Act was Mr. Sonego’s second. As a result, he received substantially higher fines, totalling $75,000.00, and a 2 year probation order.

CMA Ontario and the Public Accountants Council’s collaboration played a significant role in the successful prosecutions of Mr. Sonego and we look forward to continue working with other regulators to protect the reputation your CMA designation.

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